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Betsy Headwrap ~ A Free Pattern

Betsy took a walk somewhere!



Miss Sadie: 2010

Hey there! First, a recap: 

Miss Sadie’s Scarflette was my first design/pattern-writing project and free pattern offering, and I’ve been thinking about her and decided that with Fall nearly here¬†it’s time to¬†discuss some updates and mods to this pattern. Originally published on my old blog, Girl in Sheep’s Clothing, Miss Sadie has been well-received and it’s been so much fun to see other knitters’ photos on ravelry and the Hobby Portal craft forums in Russia!¬†

If you take a moment to glance at the pattern, you’ll notice that Miss Sadie is simply a knitted rectangle. The transformation from¬†(basically) a¬†large swatch to scarflette¬†occurs during the seaming¬†of this humble rectangle!¬† As such, it is a blank canvas for stitch patterns and interesting yarn combos.¬† The key is to work the rectangle to dimensions of 10 X 19.5 inches. But we are not bound by sizes, are we? Bah! Make it wider, make it longer!¬† Do what you will! The basic shape will always turn out when you seam.¬†

My favorite ways to mix up the basic pattern are seed stitch and making giant art yarns by combining 4 or 5 different colors and textures of yarn and then knitting on giant needles (these Sadies also knit up super-fast!).  They are popular at craft fairs and very satisfying to cast on and bind off in the space of a single movie! 

Seedy Sadie


Purple People-Eater Sadie


Simple Sadie


Marine Biologist Sadie


Snowy Sadie


Seventies Sadie


¬†So, if you’re making¬†Miss Sadie, drop me a line at stitchowl@gmail.com and¬†send photos if you like; I’d love to share more ideas on how you’re making her your own!¬†

Little Elf Christmas Booties ~ A Free Pattern

The Little Elf frolicked that way!