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A Sewing Machine Repair Which Will Live in Infamy

this is what happens, stevie!

The “experts” at Steve’s Sewing and Vacuum installed my thread guide backwards on my sewing machine before charging me an arm and leg for a repair and tune-up. I just discovered it when I tried to thread my machine and…couldn’t. I have learned many things through one of the worst customer service episodes I have ever experienced.

#1 Get the quote in writing–through a very sloppy and (now I’m thinking intentionally) confusing explanation of the repair cost, I totally misunderstood the quote (I thought it was about $60 and it turned out to be double!), and for a scant $100 might have just bought a new sewing machine. They also charged me for parts that they “replaced” — which actually constituted reinstalling MY existing parts.

#2 Always thoroughly check your product’s condition before leaving the store. This is so much of a “DUH” that I am embarrassed, but just have to say it.

#3 Go ahead and try to solve your own problems, e.g. fix things yourself, look up techniques, google it, and don’t let anyone make fun of you for trying (yes, they mocked me for removing the bobbin housing myself! — something I had SUCCESSFULLY done before to remove a thread jam) So with a great deal of mental swearing and trying not to cry my tears of rage, I removed and reattached the damn thread guide and outer casing. And it works! EFF YOU, STEVE!!!

#4 Don’t smile and put up with people talking down to you, mocking you or acting like you’re an idiot for needing a basic repair and tune-up. This is where my nice-girl attitude and lack of assertiveness bit me in the butt so hard, I’m gonna need a rabies shot. Take the business ELSEWHERE.

Whew, back to normal…

my usual charming self?


Heart Vines Beret ~ A Free Pattern

Heart Vines has moved houses!

Heart Vines

June 29, 2010
I decided to offer this as a free pattern since I am only offering one size, please enjoy!


Heart Vines is a lovely little lace beret, perfect for lace beginners and veterans alike!

Available now in my etsy shop for only $3!

Everyone needs a little instant gratification every now and then, and this is definitely better for you than cherry pie!

The Magic of Thrift

A recent happy adventure resulted in some new Spring clothes and an amazing knitterly find!

the colors of fields and sky

This appears to be a machine-knit (more’s the pity, but I take what I can get) vintage fair isle round yoked cardigan. It is made of cotton and ramie, how interesting and how green!

sweet patch pockets

I can’t believe how beautiful it is in person. I’ve never really owned anything with such detailed colorwork, and I’m getting bitten by the fair isle bug!

Gorgeous Fair Isle!

Already doing some heavy research on making my own!

Little Elf Christmas Booties ~ A Free Pattern

The Little Elf frolicked that way!

Fall for You

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” ~George Eliot

George was a woman after my own heart. But what is it that’s so magical about this time of year? Is it the cider and candy apples suddenly lining the produce section of the grocery store? Is it the crispness of the air, bright as new envelope? Or could it be the fact that one’s knitting gauge becomes suddenly even and easy with the chill in the air, and our palms no longer sweat as they did when we doggedly, dutifully knit and purled our way through Summer’s blights and boils? I think it must be this.

Fall is our annual second chance. As a person destined to be forever in school (learning and teaching and learning some more), I take school-year resolutions a bit more seriously than New Year’s resolutions. There’s something about that change in the weather and the quickening of the senses that makes you get excited about things again — the afternoons when you suddenly notice that it’s getting darker earlier, the snugness of your scarf, or the warmth of a hug when you come in from the cold.

Toward that end, I am very pleased to be announcing my own next new beginning as the Girl in Sheep’s Clothing. I will be opening an etsy shop, due to launch in early November! Sneak peek…

Ruffle Rope in Basic Black

Ruffle Rope in Basic Black

Ruffle Rope in Basic Black

Ruffle Rope in Basic Black

Funky Chunk Cowl in Purple Haze

Funky Chunk Cowl in Purple Haze

Funky Chunk Cowl in Razzledazzle

Funky Chunk Cowl in Razzledazzle

Miss Sadie in Chocolate

Miss Sadie in Chocolate

Neckwrapper in Seaweed

Neckwrapper in Seaweed

Neckwrapper in Piano Bar

Neckwrapper in Piano Bar

Enjoy your early days of autumn, savoring them along with your cider. I know I will.

Miss Sadie’s Scarflette ~ A Free Pattern!

Miss Sadie lives here now.