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Because I Needed A New Obsession.

Happy New Year!  Since it’s the start of 2011, I thought I’d use my Christmas gift card to Michaels to indulge a new needlecraft hobby, mwa ha ha.  Enter embroidery!  Here is my Sloppy Sampler, something that took me 2 evenings to “complete” and of which I am pleased as punch!  Really.

The Sloppy Sampler

Feast your eyes, folks!

The possibilities that come to my imagination as I think of all the things I can adorn with darling little pictures, words, quotations and shapes are endless, aren’t they?  I think my favorite application is going to be making little pictures and words to stick inside the windows of cards or directly onto cardstock, like this:

Teapot Cross Stitch Card

Tea Pot Cross Stitch Card by Alex Broadbent

I am an avid lover of quotations, pithy sayings, movie lines and song lyrics, so I have some plots and plans for framed cross-stitch pieces as well.  Some of them must be kept secret at this point, however.  I enjoy subversive cross stitch and would like to frame my quotes similarly, but mostly without f-words.

Then I thought, well now that I’ve gotten going with my sloppy sampler, I should try some of those pesky embroidery stitches that I couldn’t manage to work the first time!  So I popped over to Jenny Hart’s Sublime Stitching website and practiced all the stitch instructions she graciously offers.  I was so happy about the french knot (it’s so cute!)…

Sacré Bleu, c'est adorable!

"Mais oui, je peux faire le French Knot!"

…that I seized a scrap of felted knitting and the first wool handy and tried out some super-duper french knots– triples, quadruples, sextets! Also some back-stitches and chain stitches for good measure.

some little barnacles on a....leaf?

Not-so-charming color combo, but still fun!

And lastly, I tried out the process of following a little chart, and it was pretty easy.  I got The Big Book of Cross-Stitch Design at the library and it has some cute designs, but I found that I was getting very stressed about making a mistake due to the slightly bossy tone of instruction.  I find that perfectionism can really take the joy out of learning something new or embarking on a new craftivity, so nuts to that!  That’s why I decided to just have fun with my sloppy sampler.

When I first began knitting in 2008, I had to make a deal with myself that I would not get caught up in how perfect or knot perfect (I could knot resist that, whoa, it just happened again!) the work is, but to be patient, be a learner and above all, don’t say I CAN’T DO THIS!

Keep on stitching! I leave you with this.




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