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I didn't sign up for this! Oh wait–yes. Yes, I did. (Wrimo, what else?)

How’s it going with everyone on Day 2 (is it still only November 2nd!?)? I’ve done 3 sessions (starting at 12:06 am on November 1st and writing again the following “day”) and have 5,000+ words and have been on kind of a high until today, when my story got totally out of control! My characters changed from being 12 years old to being 21! The old-fashioned storybook tone I had been trying to cultivate (Complete With Accents) gave way to bratty teen whining! What is going on!?

There are things to love, though.  I’m thrilled with the way that charging full force into this challenge is helping me produce something other than little story ideas that exist nowhere but between my own ears, but I can’t keep order and it’s getting messy.

I guess this is where I am supposed to let go and take comfort in the fact that it’s really only about getting the word count.  Everything else can be fixed.  But you have to produce something to fix into your Real Story later.  BREATHE. Anyone else?


3 Responses

  1. It’s crazy how characters transform in such a short period of time! Villanious brats can become fan favorites and cliffhangers become the norm. 🙂 When I write fanfic I used to write 7-8 pages a night as a chapter–that doesn’t seem so easy anymore. :/
    You’re really doing great!

    • Isn’t it though? I can’t imagine my bratty characters becoming anyone’s favorites, haha! 7-8 pages a night is remarkable! Single or double-spaced? Either way that’s amazing. Thanks for the encouragement, I’m trying to stay ahead of it, fearing the inertia of getting behind! :oO

      • Oh they will. 🙂 Well it was like in 09 when I was writing a chap a week and Fridays were my posting day. I can’t say those 7-8 pages were good, but I guess if an idea grabs you, it can happen!

        Speaking of that, I definitely need to bump up my word count tonight. 🙂

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