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I Dye, Horatio!

For the purpose of justifying this witty title, I need you to agree to be Horatio, k?  

The other day I stopped at the grocery store on the way home from a jog at the park.  On my way into the produce section, I caught a glimpse of a fluorescent beast in the surveillance camera as I picked up my shopping basket and prepared to scavenge out some supper.  Of course, the beast was me, wearing my absolutely favorite, hot pink, soft, zip-up, mock turtleneck sweatshirt.  A sporty garment, a wardrobe staple, nothing crazy.   

Except for that color! Zowee!  



Now, it’s funny how things work together.  You know how you’ll get a thing on your mind, and then all of a sudden you start noticing it everywhere?  Occasionally my husband, with a sigh of deep regret, will remember the ideal driving machine of his youth –his hunter green Jeep Cherokee–and suddenly it seems that the highways, byways, parking lots and driveways of Eastern PA are flooded with Jeep Cherokees, just because we started thinking about them. That kind of thing.  

Anyway, I had started to wonder about those inconspicuous little boxes of RIT dye available at mega-discount retailers, grocery stores, Jo-Ann Fabrics, et cetera.  And I thought….what might I do with some dye?  

The security camera gave me my answer. It adds 10 pounds AND makes me look like a pink monster.  

So! Immediately obtained a box of RIT Color Remover at nearby JoAnn Fabrics and followed package directions for the washing machine.  Now the sweatshirt was showing its true colors…shining. through. I saw its true colors…anyway, the color remover took out a lot of the shocking pink, but left behind a diseased shade of peach (not pictured — sorry, was too anxious to fix resulting hideousity, heh heh)  

Again following package instructions, I took a box of the powdered Denim Blue dye and ran it through the wash cycle.   

Note to Self: Get better at taking blog photos/remove old towels from background.



I didn’t realize that the synthetic thread would not take the dye, but the effect is kind of fun after all, success!  Will have to be careful when laundering, as may not wash well with others. 🙂


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