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A Catch-Up (Ketchup?) Post

Oh, hi! It’s been just about forever since I last brought you any tuft of fiber-related goodness going on in my world.

On the Needles

There has been plenty of needlework and the slow but steady development of my etsy shop! Please stop by and take a peek, I’m thrilled by the encouragement that has come in and very excited to realize the dream of sharing handmade with a purchasing public!

As for the knitting, I must confess to a little UFO (unfinished object) promiscuity and the existence of not just one, but two languishing socks!

A little history:

I caught a serious case of sock fever in early Fall, giving way to Sock-tember, Sock-tober, the despairing dry spell of Sock-vember during which it seemed I could not manage to finish a sock, and a fit of pre-Christmas Sock-cember that abated due to a suddenly and passionately rekindled romance with crochet! But more on that later.

My personal experience with handknit socks has been fraught with false starts and disappointments. My First Sock was worn with great affection and esteem, but worn so proudly that I never knit a mate! I gave up socks for at least a year after coming to an intimate knowledge of the harshness of second-sock-syndrome.

With the advent of Sock-tember, I forced myself to finish my first fingering-weight pair for my dear mother’s birthday, and fueled by the energy of that great event, made my first pair from SWTC Tofutsies! Tofutsies, by the way, comes in gorgeous colorways and boasts the unique inclusion of chitin fibers from various crustaceans as a beneficial antibacteria…um, okay. I just loved the colors!

Those socks, so lovingly labored over, so carefully considered and fitted, so admired and worn with truer devotion than any other item in my wardrobe since childhood, developed holes within 6 weeks! I wanted to darn them, but put it off a wee bit too long and ended up damning them to the trash can once they were veritable sole-less socks. I know that a better and thriftier knitter than I would resurrect/patch/reinforce with sewing thread, but I am not a better knitter. The loss was too keen. And so the scourge of the [perpetually unfinished] handknit sock continues.

In other knit news…

…a Spring scarf for my brother

…a giant winter white granny square blanket/shawl/living room tent

bulky crochet is the best!

…the oddments project to end all…well. all the oddments!

"who you gonna call? STASH-BUSTERS!"

….and a lace project, this is Natalie Larson’s lovely Spring Beret pattern (a free ravelry download), but I did it in wool because I need it NOW

yes, that's lace ~ all things are possible!


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