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Summer Dreams

I’ve got a research paper due Wednesday, a 30-minute presentation, a 20-page paper due ASAP since it’s late, and a load of GA work to get done over the weekend, and all I want to do is knit. See? *Note the circular needle poking into the papers at the top!

To-Do Li...um...Pile

There is only one month left in the semester and things are getting really tough. MPK [My Philosopher-King i.e. Hubby] is coming up against his comps and with papers to write and classes to teach, we’re both a bit of a stress-mess at the moment. Oh, and I could probably live at the laundromat for a week and still not be ready to come home, but you’ll get no pictures of that!

But the great thing about school is that once you’ve gotten through the fire, it’s kind of over for a nice long time, like summer! April 27 starts my summer–four weeks from today which is exciting and terrifying! Anyway, these breaks give you enough time to think that it couldn’t have been that bad, and that you’ll make it. I’ve been thinking about Peoria a lot lately. Since moving to the Philly area, I have only run into a person I know outside of work or school one, count it, one [1] time. At Target, I saw a girl with whom I had a class. Back home this happens multiple times a day if you venture out of the house, and I often felt stifled by it. But having been away for nearly two years, I feel able to evaluate the Peoria experience with a lesser degree of teenage bias. It is insanely cheap to live there. I didn’t always think the people were necessarily that nice, but it turns out that they are compared with, ahem, other areas. I miss open expanses, grass and ponds that sort of belong to me, even if they are part of the neighborhood. I used to go out rambling in the evenings (like some strong-minded Jane Austen heroine, I fancy ;o) in the hilly, treed, ponded acres of backyard we had.

But we’re going! At the end of June, we’re heading back to the old stomping grounds, and things are going to be different, because everyone I know is pregnant, but things are going to be the same, too, which is nice.

Now, what should I do with this?

Mohair Morning

And this?




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