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Inspiration: Truth or Dare ?

March 14, 2009

It seems to me that the truth about what we call Inspiration is that it doesn’t come from some external, cosmic muse at all. I think that the random flashes of genius you experience are ideas that have been in your head or heart the whole time, and your observations trigger them. This happens to me in knitting all the time. Just last night, in fact.

My WIP’s are having massive trouble arriving at the FO building on time and in order these days. Maybe they’re caught in traffic or in the midst of some romantic dalliance that I, the mere knitter, cannot observe. Anyway, I can’t seem to finish things, or more accurately, things aren’t coming out the way I imagined which has led to my stagnating refusal to finish them; now let’s pause and wait while the huge insight of the last statement comes to me.

It is this: Things hardly ever turn out the way we imagine them.

And what I’m starting to understand is that the creative person takes that in, and accepts it. She doesn’t start sobbing and getting depressed. No, she examines the work to notice its tiny grains of new potential. She keeps her equanimity and plays with it (the project, not the equanimity); which is what I did last night. I didn’t get frustrated and fling it in the basket with a churlish toss of the head. I started draping the fabric this way and that, and then I realized that my original idea wouldn’t use the pattern to its best advantage at all. And then I started seeing possibilities, tons of them. All I had to do was let go of the solid, concrete idea I had originally been determined to finish. So I’m daring to be more creative, and now I’m really excited.

Sneak peak, though there isn’t much of it yet:

Object of my Inspiration


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